Monday, May 25, 2009

Digital Clock Widget

This is Digital Clock Widget v1.3
for Android powered phones.
Here are some screen-shots


A new feature, users can hide the default black background through the preference page. Other new features include changeable time and date text colour.
(More colours are coming... and fonts as well!!)

Click on the menu button,
you will find another new feature, called "Preview",
which allows users to have a look of the clock in the preference page.


Time is Money!!

p.s. I'm trying my best to solve the energy consuming problem, and it improves by a bit in this version.
Also, a 1 x 2 size version "may be" available in the next update,
and definitely more colours and fonts. 

Please leave comments and let me know about your opinions. I'll take them very seriously.


  1. Why this clock is not available in android market?

  2. I can't find it by searching the listed keywords of 'digital' or 'clock' or 'time' or 'widget' or any combines of them.

    why is it hidden so deeply? where can i find it? I really like this this widget

  3. The QR code can't find it on the market either.

  4. Love this clock, i use it all the time, even better than the Hero ones

    ...One small problem is when you tap the clock on the HTC Hero the only option thats works is the "bring me here" one
    It would be perfect if you could fix it to take me directly to my alarms


  5. can you add another date format so that letters are not sutt off ie instead og "Wednesday October 15, 2009" make the format "Wed Oct 15"

  6. Excellent widget.

    On the HTC magic the date wraps on to the next line on a wednesday. you can just see the very top of the letters of the month in the line below.

    I use the 1x2 widget and can currently see
    Wednesday, 21

  7. Definitely the best-looking digital clock I could find for free in the market. My only complaint is that "Bring me to alarm" does nothing on my Nexus One. Unfortunately someone mentioned this back on September 13 so I'm not guessing this is going to be fixed.

  8. anyone have an apk file?

  9. "bring me to alarm" not working on Droid Eris either... this would be great except for this major flaw!

  10. Excellent widget--but somehow disappeared from the market. Can't find it anywhere. Anyone got any idea where it went?

  11. Digital Clock Widget

    Looks like I found the digital clock I wanted, the only problem I'm having is, Where do I download it from ??

  12. I downloaded this from the Android Market. It works on a stock Nexus One, but I'm having a problem with it --- I've replaced my N1 launcher (home screen) with Home++... in Home++, the Digital Clock widget does not appear correctly. It says "Tap to start" instead of the time. (And tapping it doesn't do anything.)

  13. nice job with lots of usability for user.
    It may provide some option to show some text on screen input by an quote ect..

  14. on the mytouch 3g, the day keeps changing format. it flashes from Tuesday to Tues or from Wednesday to Wed. Fix please.

  15. I love this clock so much. The simplicity and style is immense. I'd love to see a feature where you can change the font style in the settings, rather than having to change the font in the whole phone. :)

  16. I really like the clock. Quick suggestion: I can't find any good clock widget (like yours), that has the option of displaying android's alarm clock time along with--or instead of--the current time. I would LOVE this option. I know there are full screen alarm clocks, but I just want a widget like yours, that can also display the alarm time... If that makes sense?

  17. Love this widget. Could you add a black font for clock to use with light colored wallpapers?

  18. got the 2.2 update, now the clock is not taking me to calander, i need this to work, pulling out hair, email me when you fix it please...

    also, it is not in the market again....why

  19. For a free widget, this rocks! Amazing customization. The beta date format works perfect. Only needs more font options. Rooted Epic 4g

  20. I'd like very much an option to choose font from the sd card... With this, the widget, would be awesome!
    Thank you in advance!