Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Digital Clock Widget 1.5

I am so happy to announce that Digital Clock Widget v1.5 for Android is released!!!

Change log:
- added more date formats
- added Spanish localization
so this widget is not a battery hog anymore!

- fixed minor typo in the app

- fixed date not showing problem

Enjoy! Time is Money!


  1. I have some problem, the clock sometime remain stuck at time I need to enter in the setting to refresh it.
    I don't know how replicate it, happens without reason.

  2. Please review your widget. It is still consuming a lot of battery, and causes significant load times on the home screen. This is however the best looking clock widget on the market and would love to be able to use it.

  3. can't find it in the market

  4. pls check it. i can't find it in the market.

  5. where is it? is there a download link?

  6. love the clock. but in the 1x2 setting it will not display the date properly when set with the spelled out day showing. can you please fix this thanks

  7. As the previous guy said, the text get cut off on the 1x2. Any chance you can make an option for having only the first 3 letters of the Day?

  8. I agree with the last post. If the day of the week is abbreviated to 3 letters (or 4 or 5 for Tues, Weds and Thurs), perhaps the spelt out date will fit on one line and not get cut off. You might also consider dropping the comma to save space: Weds 02 September.

    Another request: Can you add the ISO date format, 2009-09-02? This avoids the confusion between US vs. EU formats: 09-02-09 vs. 02-09-09, which is even more ambiguous with just 2 digits for year. The ISO format requires 4 digit year and presents info in descending order, yyyy-mm-dd. This format is already common in many counties, and is pushed by the ISO and internet community to eliminate the perennial confusion between dueling US and EU formats. Could you also include the day of the week with this format, e.g. Wednesday 2009-09-02 or 2009-09-02 Weds. Either way ought to fit in the 1x2 widget.

    Thank you for incorporating users' comments and suggestions in your product. Your widgit is hands down the best for looks and readability.

  9. Hi, great widget, used it before I upgraded the ROM in my HTC Magic, but now the download fails every time. I've got no problem downloading other apps, only this one.

  10. Hello.
    Can't download the app from market, I'm in norway.
    Got any direct links?

  11. Super looking clock

    On the HTC Hero the option to go to alarms or calendars if the clock is tapped does not work, only the bring me here option does

    ...would be perfect if it did

  12. I have a problem, the widget does not update the time. I have tried everything, soft update, factory reset, removing and putting widget on home screen again.

    Any ideas?

  13. Have you already checked the performance of the TCPDUMP on Android? I mean could post the CPU-percentage data during a capture?